How to Make a Gnome For a Christmas Tree

How to Make a Gnome For a Christmas Tree

If you’re looking to add some fun and character to your home this season, try making a gnome for your Christmas tree. These super-cute little creatures have become a popular trend, and they’re easy to make as well. They also make for a great addition to any front porch or other welcoming spot, and can bring a smile to the faces of your family and friends.

To create this gnome, you’ll need some simple supplies that you can easily find at your local dollar store. These include a mop, twine, a styrofoam cone and a small Christmas ball, among other things. You can use just a few of these items, or build up your gnome by using several different pieces from the Dollar Tree.

For the hat, you’ll need a men’s scarf that is at least 9×20 inches in size and a hat-shaped piece of fabric. Fold the fabric in half and cut as shown, removing the excess fabric at the bottom.

Hot glue the hat over the foam round and attach it to one of the trees, making sure that the top of the hat comes down to where the nose will be (a wood ball knob will work here). If you want to give him a jingle bell on his hat, hot glue that down as well.

Next, take two of the boot ornaments and push the metal trunks through a floral foam round. You’ll need to push them fairly close together so that the trunks aren’t too far away from each other, but don’t get too much space between them or they won’t hold up.

After the trees are in place, you’ll need to spread out the branches. The first tree has a lot of different layers, so separate the bottom layer and push them into a single bunch. Once you have that, push the entire lot into the second tree and connect them with the trunks.

This step is very important and it’s where your gnome will begin to really come to life! Once the branches have been fluffed up, you can stand your gnome on a flat surface and see if it’s standing on its own. If not, you’ll need to fluff up the bottom branch bunches a bit more and bend the body slightly forward or backward until it balances and stands on its own!

Once the gnome is up, you can add the rest of the pieces. To make the mittens, you’ll need some dowel rods, fleece fabric and some hot glue. You can also buy the felt mittens at the dollar store, which are very simple to make and come in a variety of colors and designs.

Lastly, you’ll need some yarn to make the mustache. To create the mustache, simply wrap the end of a length of yarn around your thumb and forefinger, 20 times. When you’re finished, cut it free of the yarn ball.

The mustache is a simple way to make your gnome look more like Santa’s helper! You can also decorate the mustache with yarn, tulle or even a ribbon.

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