How to Make a Tissue Paper Tulip – Step-By-Step Guide

How to Make a Tissue Paper Tulip - Step-By-Step Guide

If you’re looking for an easy craft project to make with the kids, try making a tissue paper tulip. Not only are these flowers beautiful, but they’re also a great way to improve fine motor skills and develop hand-eye coordination.

How to Make a Tissue Paper Tulip: Step-by-Step Guide

To start, gather all your supplies together. You’ll need some green paper or construction paper for the leaves, a pair of scissors, and a pipe cleaner or chenille stem. You can find these items at any craft store or at a Dollar Tree.

For the leaves, you’ll need two or three strips of green paper that are about 4 inches long and about an inch wide at their widest point. You can cut the strips on the diagonal for more of a leaf-like appearance, or you can cut them straight. If you want your flower to look more realistic, try drawing leaves on a piece of green paper before you begin.

Once you have your green papers, fold them in half and use your scissors to trim the ends so they’re rounded like petals. This will help the flower have a more peony-like look when you unfold it later. You can even have your child help you with this step if they’re too young to cut on their own.

The next step is to lay all the tissue paper pieces out on a clean surface. Then, using a ruler and pencil, measure each side of the flower so you can create a guide for your cut lines. This will help you ensure that each side is a uniform thickness and won’t have uneven edges when you’re assembling your tulip.

You can make these flowers with anywhere from eight to 12 sheets of tissue paper, depending on the size you want your flower to be. The more tissue paper you use, the bigger your flower will be.

After you’ve measured your flower, cut a piece of green paper slightly larger than the size of your flower. You can draw the stem on the bottom of the paper or you can write it with a marker or pencil.

Attach the green paper to the top of the flower by using a piece of floral tape or twine. If you’d like to make a more colorful paper flower, you can add in some colored tape or even patterned paper.

When you’ve finished making the tulip, you can display it on a desk or tabletop for decoration. You can also give it as a gift for a special occasion, such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or Easter.

Once you’ve finished, you can either place it on a table or hang it on the wall with push pins. If you’re hanging it on the wall, you may want to cover the push pins with Command Strips or another type of sticky-back adhesive to keep them from coming undone.

If you’re giving the tulip as a gift, you can make sure it’s ready for delivery by adding a bow. You can also make it a little more festive by gluing a small red strip of paper on the top.

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